Before our first meeting, you will be sent a copy of BANT's Terms of Engagement to read and a questionnaire to complete.

Initial Consultation

On arrival, signing of BANT’s Terms of Engagement  will be required before being able to proceed to ensure mutual protection and agreement. A GDPR Consents form will also need to be completed and signed.

At the first consultation you can expect to be asked about your health history and details of symptoms and concerns from a wide perspective. This guides me to find where to focus so that your issues can be improved with maximum impact and as soon as possible. The consultation will last 60-90 minutes. Complex cases require 90 minutes. We will agree on one or two interventions that you would be happy to proceed with.

Second Consultation

By the second consultation two or three weeks later, I will have put together a personalised management plan for you based on the latest science. As a partnership, we will discuss how you would be happy to proceed with the plan and refine it to suit your needs and preferences. This consultation will last 60 minutes.

Follow-up Consultations

The first follow-up consultation will last 60 minutes and will address any further relevant issues with your management plan. Further follow-up consultations are intended to support you as needed. Depending on how much help you need, you can book 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Complex cases will inevitably need longer follow-up consultations. Skype calls are available for follow-up consultations.


In person in Balham, London SW12 - temporarily suspended due to Covid-19
Online via Zoom